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UNC Carolina Air Care - Non-injury incident

Date: 1/12/2009 14:00 EST

Program: UNC Carolina Air Care
	101 Manning Drive
	Chapel Hill, NC

Type: BK 117
Tail #: 117NC
Operator/Vendor: Air Methods

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, Fight Nurse, Flight Medic. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	From the Pilots report
	Returning cruise flight from out lying hospital heard a bump.
	Suspected bird strike to lower right skid area as pilot and Flight
	Nurse saw a dark object briefly pass off right lower side of aircraft.
	Upon landing, Mechanic walked out to pilot and inquired about the red
	object adhered to top of the tail boom, just below the anti-collision
	light. Completed shut down offloaded patient washed remains of bird
	from tail boom and found two dents on top leading edge just below
	anti-collision light. Mechanics continuing inspection and calling
	appropriate Tech Support. Debriefed med crew and also alerted program
	that aircraft is out of service pending further inspection and tech
	rep fix. (During final segment of flight aircraft flew normally with
	no abnormal noises or abnormal control responses Speculation: Unsure
	if bird that was sighted on lower right somehow went from skid area
	under the aircraft and back up, or if a second, unseen bird may have
	been the cause?) Maintenance ongoing at this time.

Additional Info: 
	Aircraft OOS unknown length of time for repairs

Source: Maggie O'Donnell Program Manager

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