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AirMed - Non-injury incident

Date: 2/2609 1400 MST

Program: AirMed
	University Health Care 
	University of Utah
	50 North Medicla Dr.
	SLC, UT 84132

Type: Bell 430
Tail #: N430UT
Operator/Vendor: AirMethods

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	While landing at the University of Utah hospital helipad at 14:03 on
	2/26/2009, a large piece of black plastic sheeting, approx. 10-15 feet
	long by 2 - 3 feet wide, was drawn up towards the helicopter by it's
	rotor wash and the prevailing winds around the pad. The pad is
	situated on the roof of a five level parking garage adjacent to the
	main hospital. There is currently an ongoing expansion project near to
	the pad. The plastic reached the level of the helicopter on short
	final and was separated laterally by approximately 50 feet. It
	originated from the fenced in construction storage area in the middle
	of the parking lot just below the approach path. 

Additional Info: 
	The appropriate construction managers were immediately contacted and
	the hazard was removed.  Hospital safety department and AirMed's
	safety comittee were notified and investigating incident.

Source: Brian Simpson, Program Manager

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