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ATI AirMed - Non-injury incident

Date: 02/08/11 0842 HRS MT

Program: ATI AirMed
	El Paso International Airport
	7007 Boeing Drive
	El Paso, Texas 79925

Type: LJ25
Tail #: N26AT

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilots, Flight Nurse, Flight R.T. and Flight Paramedic. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	Upon take off from El Paso International Airport (KELP), the cabin
	began to pressurize, however the pilots reported an erratic rate of
	climb and then, depressurization.  The pilots elected to return to
	base and the maintenance staff checked the tail cone for pressure
	leaks and none were found. The pressure controller was checked and
	contamination, which appeared to be an insect, was found in the
	filter.  The filter was replaced and ground tested as per the Lear Jet
	25 Maintenance Manual and checked OK.  The aircraft was returned to
	service immediately, departed to Dallas Love Field (KDAL) and returned
	to KELP with no further incidents.

Additional Info: 
	The patient experienced desaturation and was provided supplemental
	oxygen to increase SpO2. A ground ambulance was contacted to return to
	the KELP FBO to assist the flight crew while the aircraft was returned
	to service.

Source: Air Medical Operations Director

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