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LifeFlight of Maine - Non-injury incident

Date: 9/17/2012 0230 EDT 

Program: LifeFlight of Maine
	PO Box 940
	Bangor, ME. 04401

Type: A109E
Tail #: N901EM
Operator/Vendor: ERA Helicopters

Weather: Clear / Night / Conducted under NVG

Team: Pilot, Flight Paramedic, Flight Nurse . No injuries reported. No patient. 

	L1 dispatched to scene request in northern Maine for a logging truck
	that had rolled over with an entrapped driver. Due to the distance
	involved the aircraft was repositioned to CA Dean Hospital while EMS
	EMS personnel established a landing zone on a remote, dirt logging
	road in a heavily forested area.  Based on location the pilot briefed
	the medical crew on the high probability for brown out conditions upon
	Pilot followed with a detailed approach and landing brief with strong
	emphasis on crew coordination and appropriate actions throughout the
	approach and landing phase. High and low recons, consisting of three
	360 degree turns were accomplished and the suitability of the landing
	zone confirmed.  A long bed tractor trailer and pickup truck were
	identified as potential hazards within the LZ area and an approach for
	landing was initiated to provide obstacle clearance as vehicles were
	locked and not moveable 
	The aircraft descended below the trees and encountered brown out
	conditions with marginal landing references during the short final to
	touchdown phase of the landing. Pilot, with assistance from the crew,
	was able to land the aircraft with minimal drifting. Upon shut down a
	crewmember notified the pilot of the close proximity of the tail of
	the aircraft to the parked pickup truck. 
	Crew initiated patient care while additional personnel assisted pilot
	in moving aircraft to safe distance from the vehicle. Pilot inspected
	the aircraft and truck and found no damage. Pilot elected as
	precaution to delay flight until daylight to complete safety
	inspection of aircraft and crew and patient returned via ground
	Pilot completed inspection of aircraft and parked vehicle during
	daylight hours and found no damage or evidence of contact. Aircraft
	returned to base and follow up inspection by maintenance personnel
	revealed no damage or evidence of contact with ground vehicle.

Additional Info: 
	No evidence of contact or damage found on inspection by ERA
	maintenance personnel.  Aircraft was returned to service. 
	Crew commended for good CRM including briefing plan for landing with
	potential for brown out with loss of visual reference.  
	All crews notified of event highlight importance of CRM, training, and
	on scene briefing if encountering difficult LZ.  

Source: Thomas Judge - Executive Director / Dennis Small-ERA 

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