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baptist Life Flight - Non-injury incident

Date: 9-1-2012 21:26 CDT

Program: Baptist Life Flight
	1000 W. Moreno St
	Pensacola, Florida

Type: EC-135
Tail #: N577LF
Operator/Vendor: Air Methods

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: No injuries reported. No patient. 

	Life Flight 1 was responding to a scene call in western Escambia Co.,
	FL. During a high recon over the LZ the aircraft was illuminated with
	a laser. A crew member called out the laser and the orbit and approach
	were broken off at that time. The crew was able to identify the source
	of the beam, which was a short distance from the LZ, and law
	enforcement was notified. An arrest was made and the matter has been
	turned over to the FAA for further action. The crew was able to land
	and transport patient without further incident.

Source: Mike Wood, Interim Program Director

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