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Classic Lifeguard - Non-injury incident

Date: 15 NOV 2012 0700 MST

Program: Classic Lifeguard
	P.O. Box 7200
	Page, AZ 86040

Type: Bell 407
Tail #: N7160V
Operator/Vendor: N/A

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, Flight Nurse and Flight Paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	On November 15th at approximately 0700 MST, Lifeguard 2 was returning
	to the Riverton Airport base (KRIW) from Wyoming Medical Center in
	Casper, Wyoming, when the aircraft struck three 69kv power lines
	consisting of 4.0, 6 strand aluminum wrapped steel core cable. The
	pilot was able to land the helicopter safely and immediately. The crew
	used the satellite phone to contact the communications center (no
	cellular service at site) and the PAIP was initiated. 
	Investigation has revealed that the pilot and crew, by flying at an
	en-route altitude of 80-100 feet above ground level, were acting
	outside the scope of their employment and in violation of Federal
	Aviation Regulations, company operational specifications and policies.
	The pilot?s employment has been terminated and disciplinary action
	taken against the medical crew as willing participants. 
	The installed wire strike protection system is credited for averting
	death or injury of the crew.

Source: Matthew Stein, Program Director

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