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AirMed International LLC - Non-injury incident

Date: 9/30/2015 1345 Z

Program: AirMed International  LLC - Mayo MedAir Medical Transport
	7300 Brataas Dr SW Suite 2
	Rochester, MN 55902

Type: BeechJet 400A
Tail #: N492AM

Weather: Day VFR. Not a factor.

Team: Pilot, Co-pilot, 2 medical team. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	On departure roll from Rochester International Airport (KRST), as
	aircraft rotated, a loud bang occurred.  Shortly after the bang, both
	pilots and the medical crew smelled a strange odor. The crew was not
	sure if they had hit something on the runway, blown a tire, ingested a
	bird and/or had a compressor stall.  The engines had normal
	indications for the entire duration of the flight. 
	The crew decided to return to KRST and make a precautionary landing to
	determine what had happened.  KRST tower was informed of the
	intentions to return for landing and also advised that they should
	have the runway checked for debris in case the aircraft had blown a
	tire or hit something.  Airport maintenance reported nothing was found
	on the departure runway. The aircraft landed without incident at RST. 
	Post-flight inspection showed that the left engine had ingested a
	bird. The engine required a borescope inspection, engine wash and
	power assurance run-up prior to return to service.

Additional Info: 
	Borescope revealed no damage to engine. Power wash removed remaining
	pieces of bird and power assurance run-up was completed with aircraft
	making rated power with no anomalies. 
	Aircraft was returned to service the next day.

Source: Denise Treadwell, EVP, AirMed & Paul Drucker, DAO, Mayo

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