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Cox Air Care - Non-injury incident

Date: 10/24/15 2340 

Program: Cox Air Care
	3801 S National Avenue
	Springfield, Missouri

Type: MD 902
Tail #: N902LC
Operator/Vendor: Air Methods Corporation

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	Flight team transporting a patient from Cox Medical Center South,
	Springfield, MO to a receiving facility in St. Louis, MO.  Shortly
	before landing at the St. Louis facility, crew felt a thump as if
	something had struck the aircraft.  No alterations occurred in the
	aircraft's performance.  Due to being on final approach, the pilot
	elected to continue to execute the landing at the receiving helipad. 
	Upon landing and inspecting the aircraft, it was noted that the
	aircraft had suffered a bird strike with damage to the pilot's side
	chin bubble.  A small bird was removed from the chin bubble and an
	approximate 12" crack was noted to the plexiglass.  

Additional Info: 
	Due to the extent of the damage to the chin bubble, an FAA ferry
	permit had to be obtained in order to move the aircraft from the
	helipad.  Once this was obtained, the aircraft was relocated to a
	regional hangar whereupon the chin bubble was repaired.  Aircraft
	subsequently returned to its base in Springfield.  
	Modified PAIP initiated at the time of occurrence.  Arrangements made
	for flight team to stay over night in St. Louis with transport back to
	Springfield the following day.  

Source: Susan Crum, RN; Program Director 

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