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LIFE STAR - Hartford Hospital - Non-injury incident

Date: 11/10/2015 04:55 EST

Program: LIFE STAR - Hartford Hospital
	80 Seymour St
	Hartford, CT  06102

Type: EC-145
Tail #: N145HH
Operator/Vendor: Air Methods

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, flight nurse, flight respiratory therapist. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	The morning of November 10th, 2015, at approximately 0455, LIFE
	STAR 1 was completing an inter-facility transfer from its home base of
	MidState Medical Center in Meriden, CT to Hartford Hospital in
	Hartford, CT.  Upon landing at Hartford Hospital, a Communications
	Specialist noticed something hanging from the aircraft skid and
	alerted the crew.  It was determined that the item was a medical
	crewmember's jacket. The incident was reported to program leadership
	as well as Air Methods.

Additional Info: 
	Upon further investigation, it was discovered that a complete
	walk-around had occurred by the pilot prior to engine start; however,
	the medical crew had exited the patient compartment inadvertently
	dropping a medical crew member's jacket onto the maintenance skid. The
	pilot was unaware of the seat change and that the crewmembers had
	exited and re-entered the patient compartment. The pilot was therefore
	not able to identify that the jacket had fallen out and was stuck on
	the cross-tube of the left side skid of the aircraft. In an attempt to
	identify the root cause of this incident, the following items were
	identified as potential contributing factors:
	1) Inadequate ground lighting. MidState Medical Center is currently
	utilizing a temporary helipad until a permanent hangar facility is
	constructed.  Multiple ground level parking lot lights were lowered in
	order to accommodate the temporary helipad.  This has resulted in
	multiple dark areas in the immediate vicinity of the aircraftâ??s
	parking spot.  
	2) Non-standard location for crewmembers to store cold weather
	clothing when not in-use.  
	3) Walk-around inspection completed prior to engine start without all
	crew members secured in aircraft. 
	     The following corrective actions are being implemented to
	mitigate the possibility of this re-occurring:
		1) Increased lighting will be placed at the temporary helipad. 
	Additionally, recognizing this incident could have occurred at any
	location with poor lighting, all crew members will be issued personal
	flashlights that they will be required to carry during low light
		2) A designated area for securing cold weather clothing while not in
	use has been established behind rear-facing seat #1.
		3) Walk around inspections will be conducted after seating has been
	completed and repeated if any crew member needs to exit the aircraft
	after the walk around has been completed.

Source: Chris Watkins, Business Manager

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