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Sanford AirMed - Non-injury incident

Date: 10/13/2015  

Program: Sanford AirMed 
	Sioux Falls, SD

Type: EC145

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, Medic, Flight Nurse . No injuries reported. No patient. 

	The rotor wing aircraft had just landed and was preparing for a
	turnaround request.  The pilot laid his hand held radio on step of
	helicopter during refueling because it normally falls from his front
	pocket when bending over to pick up fuel nozzle.  After refueling,
	pilot completed walk around, the radio was missed on the step. 
	Clinical team members also completed a walk around and entered
	aircraft without noticing the radio. The radio fell off shortly after
	departure and was found on the top of the parking ramp by hospital
	security with the only damage being the radio.  

Additional Info: 
	Debriefs are standard for all flights and this was also discussed in
	our monthly safety committee and team meetings.  This serves as a good
	reminder for flight teams to look for the unexpected and be vigilant
	during the walk-around.  Also placing any item on the skids should be
	avoided at all times.

Source: Josh Weiland, Sanford AirMed Safety Director

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