Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the CONCERN Network?

    Begun in 1984 by the National Flight Nurses Association (now, the Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association) as a simple telephone tree, the CoOperative Network Call for Emergency Regional Notification was envisioned as a mechanism to alert the air medical community of situations in which crewmembers had been injured or killed in helicopter or airplane crashes. In the ensuing years, CONCERN has evolved through various incarnations to serve as a means of collecting and distributing information about a variety of air medical and critical care ground transport mishaps.


    CONCERN is generously funded by Flight For Life Colorado.

  • How does CONCERN work?

    CONCERN is a voluntary process by which air medical and critical care ground transport operations may issue a bulletin to notify their colleagues regarding a variety of mishaps and/or tragedies. When a reportable event occurs, the affected operation's leadership can request a bulletin via the appropriate bulletin request  form. Once the details of the event are entered, the bulletin request is submitted for review by the CONCERN Coordinator.

    To insure that a bulletin is being requested by an authorized member of the operation's leadership, a confirmatory phone call may be made or email sent.


    Some aspects of a bulletin request may be edited for clarity, terminology and brevity. Significant issues will be discussed with the person requesting the bulletin prior to publication.

  • What events merit a CONCERN bulletin?

    Although CONCERN bulletins are usually associated with fatal events, such as helicopter or airplane crashes, they may be used to transmit information on a wide variety of situations even though no one is injured or killed. In general, a bulletin may be merited whenever something occurs in the course of an air medical flight or critical care ground transport that results in an emergency or precautionary termination of the trip.

    Other notable incidents include:

    • Situations, in any phase of flight, which result in damage to the aircraft sufficient to render it out of service pending inspection or repair, or that cause injury to the occupants. These may include engine or control failures, bird strikes, abrupt maneuvers, or collisions that cause damage or injury.
    • Events during ground transports which result in damage severe enough to render the ambulance out of service pending inspection or repair, or that cause injury to the occupants. These may include collisions with other vehicles or objects, departures from the roadway, vehicle malfunctions, animal strikes, rollovers, or abrupt maneuvers that cause damage or injury.
    • Precautionary landings or stops may merit a bulletin when it is felt that a condition exists that could have potentially dangerous affects for other aircraft or ambulances of the same make or model.
    • Information intended as follow-up on previously reported situations, e.g., release of names, corrections, or memorial services.


  • Who may receive CONCERN bulletins?

    Email reception of bulletins is restricted to those with current or past involvement in the air medical or critical care ground transport community. In general, this includes:

    • Pilots
    • Nurses
    • Paramedics
    • EMT's
    • Respiratory Therapists
    • Physicians
    • Administrators
    • Aviation and Ambulance Mechanics
    • Aircraft and Ambulance Manufacturers and Operators
    • Communications Specialists

    Some allied professionals are also permitted to receive bulletins, e.g., law enforcement aviators, military medical transport crewmembers and members of various healthcare and regulatory agencies.


  • How do I sign up to receive CONCERN bulletins?

    Go to the Subscribe link on the CONCERN Network homepage. Submit the information required in the New Subscribers area. Remember to include information on your connection to the air medical or critical care ground transport community.

  • How do I find out more about the CONCERN Network?

    For questions about CONCERN, the coordinator is David Kearns. He may be contacted through the Flight For Life Colorado Communications Center at 800-595-3712, or via email at